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 Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1

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PostSubject: Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1   Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:15 pm

Episode 1: The hero's gather.
Part 1: Something falls.
After a hard days work, Mario fell to sleep in a forest nearby the mushroom kingdom, not long after he fell to sleep it began to get dark in the sky and the forest light dimmed.
Mario continued to sleep, even as bolts of lightning began to strike at the sky, first one, then two, then three, seeming to rip at the sky as if forcing their way through a tear in a piece of paper.
Upon the third strike of the third set of lightning something began to fall from where the lightning had pushed through, it fell down to the ground covered in flames as if it was a meteor through space.
The object collided with the forest not far from Mario's location with a thunderous explosion that blanketed the sky with light for a short moment.
Mario woke from hearing the collision only to see the bright light, then the dark forest. Fully rested, Mario decided to investigate alone, he wasn't sure which part of the forest he was in anyway but he had the urge to find out what had crashed into the forest.
The object itself had burnt through the trees and created a hole in the ground where it lay unseen; smoke began to cover over the crater and the nearby plant life.
When Mario arrived at the crash site, he became puzzled; the crater was far too small for such a large explosion. Just then, Mario spotted something in the crater, he had caught the glimpse of something glowing.
Happy with what he saw, Mario smiled and laughed, but his smile would not last.
Something, standing in the darkness was looking in his direction, moving closer with its ominous power.
Feeling some kind of anger in the air, Mario put out his hands as if to say calm down, but something was scaring him so much his gesture could not hide his fear; it in fact, made it more apparent.
Part 2: The Executioner.
Sonic stood on the plains looking at the animal that had decided to make itself known; he hadn't seen this type of animal before and let it speak.
"So, you're Sonic?" It said, glaring at him with an annoyed look in its eyes.
"And you are?" Asked the confident blue hedgehog.
The animal closed it's eyes and said in an overconfident tone. "Your executioner."
Excited by the prospect of a new rival and eager for another adventure Sonic replied. "Lets see ya catch me."
Sonic began to run across the plains in the opposite direction to the strange animal to test its speed, if it couldn't keep up, it wouldn't be worth the battle. The animal let out a slightly annoyed sound to mimic frustration and seemingly vanished.
After reaching the city, Sonic stopped and looked back, no sign of the animal. "Too slow." He laughed in his usual triumphant manner, he was a bit upset that the animal wasn't as good as he thought it would be but there were plenty of other opponents out there for him.
Just then there was a flash of light, a bird like fire in the middle of the air had appeared. In sudden shock Sonic blurted out. "What?" But was soon answered by the appearance of the animal from before in the middle of the flames.
"Enough games." Said the angered Phoenix, he hadn't traveled all this way to chase a hedgehog though the world.
And with that he turned to the blue hedgehog and raised his hand, fire began to collect before his palm and form a small fireball, the fireball took no time at all to grow big enough to be fired at Sonic.
Still partly startled, Sonic was slow to react, only moving when the fireball came close, he jumped over it only to be confronted by a collection of fire the Phoenix shot at him.
Unable to block the new blast or dodge it for the moment, Sonic collided with the fireball, getting knocked back to the ground. However the blast was small since it hadn't time to charge and Sonic easily landed on his feet.
The Phoenix dropped to the ground himself and placed both hands forwards with his palms stretched out and facing Sonic, Sonic himself had began to charge up a light speed attack. Upon the moment both fighters fully charged their attacks, a distortion began and froze the time where they stood.
It lasted for a short amount of time, sealing the fighters in place while it occurred, when it had finished Sonic was gone.
The Phoenix lessened his attack and dispersed it, his target was gone so he stood upright. "Where'd he go?" He said in frustration.
Part 3: Reports of Mario.
Bowser stood within his new castle, yelling that the top of his voice. "Kamek, report!" He hadn't any news on the goings on of his conquest.
With a quick whoosh, Kamek flew into the room and sat on her broom in front of him. "Mario has been injured, he's recovering in his house, your evilness." Kamek said with an evil gleam in her eyes.
'Not dead?' He thought, thinking on his feet. "Summon the Koopa Bros!"
Just as Kamek went to find the Koopa Bros, a skeleton guard began to rattle, from it emerged Red of the Koopa Bros. And from the other three guards emerged the other three members; Green, Yellow and Black.
They had been in disguise and had found skeleton guard costumes in a Halloween shop in the Mushroom Kingdom, once emerged they posed in front of Bowser to show off.
Due to the current situation Bowser was not amused and roared. "ENOUGH!" The Koopa Bros had failed in their last few missions and had been hiding for quite some time waiting for Bowser to calm down or assign them something they can do.
The room shook with Bowsers roar and the startled Koopa Bros turned to face him. Bowser was in too much of a hurry to strike before Mario could be revived. "Go to Mario's house, kill him!" Bowser told them. "Do not fail!" He forced the word 'not' on them as if to say that it was the key word they should listen to if they were to avoid consequence.
"GO!" He roared finally when they stood there with blank expressions, once again the room shook with his angered tone.
Part 4: A Promise.
Dr Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik stood watching over his newest creation yet to be revealed, with him was Rouge the bat, a master thief of Jewels, Gems, Emeralds and anything that catches her eye.
Although his entrance went unnoticed by the pair, the Phoenix walked towards them, he stood waiting to report.
After turning around Rouge exclaimed. "Who's that?" She was speaking to Eggman of the Phoenix that had just apparently wandered in.
Half turning around so that he could at least see the Phoenix, Eggman, answering Rouge's question without even speaking to Rouge, Smiled and simply said. "Ah, Flare, welcome back." Eggman had hired Flare to kill Sonic; Flare was a simple mercenary who quickly took up Eggmans offer.
"Sonic has vanished." Flare reported, half angry, half apologetic.
Smiling with his teeth showing, Dr Eggman began to look quite sinister. "I saw." He replied in a joyful tone before explaining the situation. "During your fight I noticed a temporal distortion, it appears Sonic fell through to another world."
At the end of his sentence Eggmans face dropped into a scowl reflecting his anger in Sonic's lucky escape. "That hedgehog has ruined too many of my plans. I want him dead!" He exclaimed turning his anger into a thinking smile and gesturing to the air as if he'd just achieved victory. "We're going to follow him, and finally put an end to his miserable life."
Eggman finished the sentence with what sounded like anger when he said 'miserable life'.
With his report over and details of what was to be done next Flare left the room and headed down the hallway. The doctor's next challenge was of no concern of his.
Flare stood with his eyes closed within the base, after getting what he wanted here he would leave, the Dr would have to keep his end of the bargain. "Guess it's time to leave." He muttered under his breath.
"Pheo." Came a voice, it was quiet in tone and seemed to be from someone unsure if they should speak.
A younger Phoenix flew down to Flare, unlike Flare who had no noticeable wings, this Phoenix had wings attached to her back, she stood across from Flare. She had called him Pheo, but Flares name wasn't Pheo.
"We're leaving, Phea." He said to her, addressing her by name. "And please stop calling me that. I promised I'd find you're brother, not take his place." It had been a long time since Flare had made his promise, he couldn't remember where he made it or even when, but since it was the earliest memory for him he made it his top priority above all else.
Phea looked at him with a saddened look; it was the same look she usually gave him when he mentioned the promise.
There was the sound of slow, metal footsteps on the cold, hard, stone floor as the Eggwalker walked down the corridor.
With his evil straight toothed smile, Eggman asked. "You haven’t forgotten our deal have you? I'll tell you where her brother is but only after you kill Sonic." Eggmans offer when Flare first met him was an exchange, if Flare could defeat Sonic, Eggman would reveal the location and person who was Phea's brother Pheo.
Flare knew this but had attacked Sonic as instructed, he still believed he would have defeated Sonic if not for the interruption.
Thinking on Eggmans question, Flare stood silent. It was true he had neither killed nor defeated Sonic so his task was not over. "I haven't forgotten." He finally replied.
Part 5: Unexpected events.
After hours of trying to get Mario to sleep, Princess Peach made her way down the stairs, they had found him in the forest with a horrified expression on his face and serious, almost fatal wounds all over him. The wounds were healing but his expression had never changed, as if a shock had tensed all his muscles in place. Originally they had come to investigate the empty crater where something had crashed into the forest.
Even now Mario's face was stuck in shock; it could have been hours before he regained sense.
"Mario's going to be okay." Said Peach to Luigi, although she tried to sound reassuring she felt upset herself. Luigi said nothing; he looked very upset and hadn't said a word since they brought Mario back.
For a short period Peach and Luigi stood in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, neither one of them said a word, neither one knew what to say.
Suddenly from above a voice echoed into the room. "This is the place." It said, the familiarity of the voice led Luigi to finally move and turn around. He knew who it was.
His thoughts were confirmed when down through a hole in the roof came their enemy. Red, Black, Green and Yellow of the Koopa Bros. The hole in the roof had itself been cut by these assailants, it was precise and neither Luigi nor the Princess heard them cut it.
Once landed, the Koopa Bros posed in their usual way; they pointed their fingers forwards in a mock challenge and leaned to the side. "We're here to take out Mario." Said Red. "Outta the way!" He commanded to Peach and Luigi.
Luigi had now readied himself for battle, he seemed angered by the Koopa Bros appearance, he was unusually flared up.
However this didn't last long as the Koopa Bros began their ultimate attack, lining up their shells on top of each other and spinning rapidly. Losing his flare Luigi became shocked and scared, it took one movement to cast them aside and zoom up the stairs.
Luigi and Peach lay sprawled out on the floor, each knocked unconscious by the attack but each only minorly damaged, the attack hadn't meant to kill them, it was simply to get them out of the way.
Once at the top of the stairs the Koopa Bros attack finished and they lined up standing in front of Mario's bed, they all stood unnerved by the look on Mario's injured, awake and unseeing face.
"Hurry up Red," said Green from the back of the cue. "His face is creepin' me out." By being at the back, Green had a more distanced view of the face and was less affected.
Red, who was standing just before Mario's bed, said nothing. He just stared at the battered plumbers horrifying face, afraid to see it but afraid to look away.
Once again the distortion occurred, freezing time where they stood, lasting just as long as the last time, within the distortion Sonic stood fully charged up for a light speed attack still frozen in time. When the distortion finished, Sonic's attack launched.
Propelled by his attack, Sonic collided into the nearby Koopa Bros, neither he nor they expected this occurrence. Coincidently they were perfectly lined up to, one by one, be sent flying by this quickly weakening attack. Through the roof they flew smashing out more holes as they went.
Sonic fell unconscious on the last strike, falling down the stairs as he did so. He landed nearby where Peach lay, on the corridor floor.
Through these events Mario sat in bed, still awake, still unseeing, still horrified beyond all explanation...
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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1   Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:42 am

Future Warning!!!!!!!!!!
I hope your prepared to be flammed on by the thousands of super mario bros z nerds who take the show way to series. Your gunna get flammed just because you even put mario and sonic in the same show ._.
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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1   Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:45 am

You've already said this to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1   

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Fan-fiction Devine Darkness. [Based on my sprite series] Episode 1
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