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 Just fixing the storyline grammer and such.

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PostSubject: Just fixing the storyline grammer and such.   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:22 pm

The game starts out with 3 of our main characters travelling out of their town for almost the first time of there lives, (I know thats not completly new ), they soon discover that odd monsters have been attacking near the edges, between a forest and a town. So they venture forth into the forest seeking answers (although one of them just wants it for glory of defeating enemies and to be admired by everyone, but this character is just the comic relief).
As they approach what can be only discribed as a black hole ( the void) they are attacked by the first boss. The boss quickly states who he is and how he will control everything. (The boss is very selfcentered and not to bright; not a good combination.) So he names himself Quartex, destroyer and the controller of everything! Quartex is pronounced 'Quart-tex'. (Quart rhymes with wart.)
So finaly the battle begins, with Quartex summoning monsters that you may see later in the game to defeat the heros, but there is a catch... He is seemingly impossible to defeat, if only one of his own minions could hurt him... So after the heros defeat him they gain a lot of exp and get sucked into the void with Quartex. As a side effect Earth is also pulled into the void, being ripped into about 123,094,647 parts, but who has the time to count... (Me!) So the heros begin on the beginning the biggest adventure ever imaginable...

All copyrights of this prologue belong to the makers of this game.

[Content taken from Gunbladefire's post.]
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PostSubject: ok....   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:59 pm

hmm this seems unusaly familiar. Although i'd like to get more in depth in the story, such as:what they say do and how they treat eachother. but all in all thanks for fixing the gramer.
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Just fixing the storyline grammer and such.
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