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 So you wanna join the Soldier Rapture team.

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PostSubject: So you wanna join the Soldier Rapture team.   Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:37 pm

So, you wanna join the Soldier Rapture team huh? Well we have many different jobs that can suit yours and everybody's personality and talents.

Well here is the jobs we have which there is always open spots for any1 in any category.


Basicly your the team helping with one of the biggest jobs in the buisness. Considering Spriting takes time to master and very talented spriter's are hard to come by anyone who makes a request will become a part of the S team (Spriter team).Your job will consist of making sprites of the character's which will be used in any of Soldier Raptures activities, of course admins will also be apart of certain teams.


One person can't write a story by them self peoples. Basicly you will be helping out our main story writer ( Gunbladefire ) come up with ideas for a plotline for games created by soldier rapture. This may sound like an easy task but i guarentee this is one of our harder jobs to pick from we also recommend only choosing one job because they can become quiet a hastle to do more then 1 job and maintain a social life, errr well for you people that have one.


Just as the title says your job is to advertise us with links to our website telling people to go to this website. This is also a hard task considering you must describe us very good to make someone wanna come here. You can help by even making a youtube video showing people whats on our forum how many users we have and things like that will be a great help.


You will be taking small(large) request from other members of the forums inside of the Spriter's Corner. You are similar to the sprite team where instead of making sprites for SR (soldier rapture) you will be doing request to help out some of the less talented user's this can even make you a better spriter.


Basicly you have access to Soldier Raptures database of sprites of course you must still give credit to the creator but for your job u basicly animate fight scenes or gifs showing off our sprites then when people ask " Can you send me that sprite sheet for (insert name here) " you can link them back to this forum.
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PostSubject: Re: So you wanna join the Soldier Rapture team.   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:53 am

these will all soon become groups on the site and tell me if you would like to be one
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So you wanna join the Soldier Rapture team.
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