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 chp#1 Andrew's Quest

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PostSubject: chp#1 Andrew's Quest   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:50 pm

for those enjoy reading these...good.Just sit back and relax because this is long. I won't have exact diologe ether.

who is Andrew?
Andrew is a black mage,one of the three main heros of the story. He is well balanced in using "attacking" spells,but doesn't have very good defence Sad . As for his personality he is a bit stuburn and likes being the leader(which he and the red mage Jon always fight over), and usaly just trys to get a job over with as quick as posible. Now as for the others well.... this is not their part of the story.

Chp#1 Andrew's Quest
When we last left off Andrew had been sucked into the void. He now wakes to find himself in a middle of a desert.(que the where am i speech(this will happen 2 more times,but not to Andrew Wink)). He starts to take a look at his surroundings,but dosen't seem to find anything at all. So he dissides to start to walk towards a nearby pyraimid to get in the shade. He soon falls asleep(hmmmm). When he wakes up he finds that two turrtles holding hammers are siting by him eating mushrooms(odd diet). He then asks where he is, and the turtles laugh and tell him that he is in the middle of the dry-bones desert. Andrew then notices in the disantance that there appaered to be mushroom men fighting tuttles(like the ones in front of him),flying suns, and other odd creatures. Seeing his odd look toward the battle they ask him if he thought the battle would be over by now.(the turttles don't relize he's from another world) Andrew then replies that he knew nothing of a war. The turttels then formaly annonce who they are( the hammer bros)(if you can't tell yet,the bros aren't very smart) and tell him that this war has been going on for over the past few YEARS. The bros then disribe a queen who is a tyrant who shows no mercey on any person who works for the opposing great and kind Bowser(uh yea thats new). After that Andrew dicides to ask the bros if he could help them bring down this queen. The bros quickly give him the job of assinating queen(it was the bros job to begin with..cowards). So Andrew continues onward battling the musroom men(who called themselfs Toads),dinos(who called themselfs Yoshis),and more Toads. As Andrew goes out of the dessert though he is halted by a team of small brown fungus looking things(man thats a mouthful)who call themselfs goombas. The goombas claiming they were sent here by the hammer bros to escort Andrew to the castle of Pirnceses Peach(ok so shes not a queen). Andrew agrees and soon becomes freinds with the goombas. As they reached the castle grounds though they where ambused by a pair of Italian Plummers called Mario(mario) and Luigi(luigi)(just the sound of them makes me quesy,not)with them a possesed puppet named Geno and a cloud dude named Mallo. As the battle cominces the bros destroy the entire goomba fleet and then ate some green musrooms that came out of the goombas(wow). Infuriated Andrew charges the bros down with several magic spells and chalengels them to a battle. The bros reluctanly agree while trying to tell Andrew why they had done it,but they were ignored. (The battle of the bros and Andrew is to be like a miniboss type thing). After Andrew defets the bros one of them (barly conicous),mario grabs hold of Andrew's leg and asks almost pleads that he should know the truth behind this war. Agervated Andrew reluctantly agrees.-(flashback)- Mario then tells of a time of peace and happyness,but he said it was not to be. A monster king came to this place with all intintion of takeing over. King Bowser koppa the monster called himself. But Bowser soon discovered that the people would alow him to take over(big surrprize there :0 ). So Bowser discided to take over by force. However two brave plumers arised to attack Bowser. Now Bowser thought that if he kidnaped the princes,mabe,just mabe he could use her to take over without haveing to fight the two brothers. So he kidnaped the princes and brought her to his castle. When hearing the news the bros quickly stormed the castles in there way and fight Bowser free the princess and get home safely. Mario also tells how this cyle repeated itself many more times exept for the ocational differences.-(flashback over)-. After hearing this Andrew thinks he belives the bros and asks if he could hear Princess Peach's side of this story too. The bros agree and take him to the castle. Unfortualy as soon as they enter the throne room Bowser bust through the wall and guess what: he kidnapes the Princess and jumps out the hole in the wall he had made onto a flying ship. Shocked that this happened so quickly Andrew stood there dumbstruck with the Mario bros draging him into the basement to get supplies.(here you can get a first few Items free,but after 4 or so you have to buy them). After getting items they start to journey toward Bowser's castle. Meanwhile.......

Please take the time now to have lunch eat a sandwich or use the bathroom.
Thank You
intermission music: do de da do de doo do de de da do ta do do da de da to de da do da de da daaaaaaaa do de da do de da do de da do de da do do do de daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yea!

Thank You for waiting

Meanwhile...... A portal was opening in front of Bowser's throne. And out pops out of it (guess who) Quartex. Quartex then tells Bowser that he will now rule this entire world mimicing Bowser's movments as he says it. Bowser then gets angry and trys to attack Quartex,but Quartex telaports through the portal to apear behind Bowser. He then rips off two of Bowser's spikes from his back and says "These shall do nicely to my plan" and then he of course telaports to a different world. ( (fyi) At the end of Quartex's attack the bros and Andrew had come into the room.). Furrious Bowser discides to take his anger out on the bros and Andrew (he keeps calling Andrew a little black toad the entire time he refers to him) and finaly attacks the team in a fierce battle(boss battle). When bowser is defeted though he starts to remember all the times he and Mario team-ed up to right some wrongs and thigns like that. So after Bowser joins the team(Bowser also forces his son Bowser Jr and Kamek to come along) the bros dicide to free Peach and Daisy(Daisy is another Princess who had aparrently been cauptured too) and try to figure out a way to stop Quartex. Peach sugestes they get Yoshi( the orriginal Yoshi that has helped Mario thrart Bowser many times) to help smell out where "other worldly portals" are. Everyone agrees to this(except Bowser) and goes on with the plan regardless. So they travel all the way to Mario's house and get Yoshi to help. After that the group follows Yoshi through a somewhat familar maze.....(hmmm) and end up at a cave where Yoshi seems to think the Portal is( by the way Yoshis in general can't talk). Once inside the cave they battle a few creatures and find an odd person or thing named Cluix who dicides at once to battle the group.The team beats the villan and obtain something called a earth-shard(hmmm i smell plot). Although they defeted Cluix a portal opened....but this one seemed different than the others it seemed it would not be closing anytime soon (and the fact that it didn't suck them in) so they didcide to venture in..................sorry but THAT story is for another time.

all copyrights of this game belong to the makers of this game and: Nintindo,and Square Enic.Smile
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chp#1 Andrew's Quest
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