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PostSubject: Psychonauts   Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:30 am

One of my favorite games,
It's about a summer camp for psychics, where they teach little boys how to control their psychic abilities, like telekinesis, levitation, clevoyence,etc. You are in control of Raz, A carnie who escaped from his family circus to learn about psychic powers.
Half of the fun is using these abilities , the other half is literally going into people's minds and fighting their fears and nightmares, for example, a painter who's obsessed with bulls, A little fish who's been transformed into a mutant monster,A nut-job who's fighting over his mentality with napoleon over a boardgame(favorite), a mailman who's obsessed with the milkman(NO I am not lying!).
You've probably never heard of this game before, probably because although it was a GREAT GAME, it was never really popular (must have been the box art...)
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